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This film is streamed through the Curzon Home Cinema platform and is not included as part of the Festival Pass. Ticket release for these films will be announced soon.

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Golden Voices

original title
קולות רקע
Evgeny Ruman
Vladimir Friedman, Maria Belkin, Evelin Hagoel, Uri Klauzner, Alexander Senderovich
88 min

Married couple Victor and Raya Frenkel dubbed hundreds of films in their native Soviet Union, their voices becoming as iconic as the legends on screen. But their arrival in Israel as new immigrants just as the Gulf War breaks out robs them of their livelihood and passion. Forced to take odd jobs to make ends meet and struggling to adjust to their new culture, Victor and Raya start to drift apart. Will they manage to rediscover their voices, and the love they have for each other? It’s not just the voices, of course: this wonderfully romantic and funny film has a heart of gold.

Warning: film contains sexual references

This film is available on the Curzon Home Cinema platform and is part of our specially curated film selection. It is not included in the Festival Pass. Booking details to follow. 

Sponsored by: Susan and John Reizenstein