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Followed by Q&A with Itay Tal

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Itay Tal

Itay Tal has been directing films for the last 14 years. He studied at the Tisch Film School at Tel Aviv University and places the story at the heart of filmmaking. Itay wrote and directed several short films, amongst them, When You Played (2012). Previously, Itay edited dozens of films. God Of The Piano is Itay’s debut feature. His deep connection to music and its effect on human lives is prevalent in almost all of his works.

Jennie Ferrario

Jennie Ferrario is a Barrister at Chambers in Manchester and travels the country representing clients in a variety of cases. She is a recognised Champion of Pro Bono work, representing the public on a no fee basis where they cannot access a lawyer and is particularly interested in representing ethnic minorities. On a Sunday morning, Jennie runs Sunday school at Menorah Synagogue where she has devised an interactive, creative and musical curriculum using influences from her 3 sons and their Jewish journeys.

Films screening at this event

God of the Piano

original title
אלוהי הפסנתר
Itay Tal
Ron Bitterman, Andy Levi, Shimon Mimran
80 min

A thoroughly absorbing psychological drama from Israeli director Itay Tal. When Anat, the scion of a distinguished musical family, learns that her new born baby might become deaf, she decides in a moment of madness – or extreme clarity – to do the unthinkable, hoping that this will allow her to keep the family’s dream intact. This nuanced and suspense filled  debut explores familial expectations, overpowering ambitions and the sacrifices we are willing to make in order to fulfil them. 

“Elegantly chilling drama.” – Screen Daily

Winner – Best Actress, Jerusalem Film Festival 2019

Nominated – Big Screen Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2019

Nominated – Grand Jury Prize, Santiago International Film Festival 2019

Nominated – Best Film, Buenos Aires International Festival 2019