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Followed by a Q&A with Ben Yeger, director of Moving Conflicts

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Ben Yeger

Ben is the Founder and Director of Moving Conflicts and UK representative of Combatants for Peace (CfP). Ben has 25 years experience of group facilitation and training, a Movement Medicine Facilitator and Teacher, a creative therapist, Theatre Director, and Change Agent.

After serving in the Israeli Army (83-86), Ben left Israel making a promise to himself that he would never carry a weapon again. It took him 20 years of personal process and a meeting with “Combatants For Peace” co-founder, Chen Alon, to find the gateway for his personal expression and action towards contributing to ending the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through non-violent means.

Films screening at this event

Disturbing the Peace

Stephen Apkon
Andrew Young
83 min

Established ten years ago, Combatants for Peace is a group of Israelis and Palestinians who have come together to fight for peace and co-existence in a non-violent way. Disturbing the Peace follows the stories of this remarkable organisation and some of its members, who, prior to their joining CFP, had wholly identified with their leaders’ call for armed fight as IDF soldiers or would-be suicide bombers. While portraying a sad picture of an ongoing and bitter conflict, both film and the organisation it celebrates prove there is another, hopeful, way.

Winner: Ebert Humanitarian Award