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Closed Season

original title
Ende der Schonzeit
Franziska Schlotterer
Germany, Israel
100 min

“Completely convinving.” – Variety

Winning Best Actress and Jury Prize at the Montréal World Film Festival, Franziska Schlotterer’s atmospheric Closed Season begins in Israel with a young German, Max, looking for his biological father, Avi – only he can solve the mystery of Max’s conception. Reluctantly Avi tells the story and the action rewinds back to the German-Swiss border, 1942.

Found by a German farmer, Avi, then Albert, is given refuge but at a price. The impotent farmer asks Albert to impregnate his wife. This unusual scenario elicits intense performances from its three leads – the simple brutish farmer, the sexually awakened wife and the educated Albert, at their mercy.

Winner: Jury Prize and Best Actress, Montreal World Film Festival 2012

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Closed Season