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Yehudis Fletcher

Yehudis Fletcher was brought up in a chareidi home and at the age of 18, had an arranged marriage to a boy from a Satmar family. She is a political and social activist with a special interest in safeguarding. She lives in Manchester with her three children.

Chris Fenwick

Chris Fenwick is a Canvey Island native, the manager of legendary British band Dr Feelgood and a raconteur. He likes to share with his audiences tales of dark deeds, crooked club owners, ghostly encounters and the LAPD bust that landed him in jail but provided the band with their biggest hit single.

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown has worked in the film and TV industry for over 30 years. Starting as an assistant director in Paris, directing began after a postgrad diploma in Film at Goldsmiths. His feature film adaptation of John Banville’s novel, The Sea, starring Ciaran Hinds and Charlotte Rampling was released in 2014. He associate-produced Canvey – The Promised Island for BBC1. He’s now taking a masters at Birkbeck in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy.

Films screening at this event

City of Joel

Jesse Sweet
83 min

Kiryas Joel is a modern shtetl in the small town of Monroe, New Jersey. For decades its Hassidic residents have lived harmoniously with their mostly non-religious, non-Jewish neighbours. But a recent request to annex a plot of land that would double the size of the ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood prompts the rest of the town’s population to embark on a campaign – which many in the Jewish community accuse of being antisemitic – against them. A thought provoking tale about interfaith relations in America today.

“A rare glimpse at life inside a reclusive ultra Orthodox community” The New York Jewish Week