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Reception 7.30pm

Film and awards ceremony 8.30pm

Followed by a Q&A with director Ferenc Török and Gábor T. Szántó. Chaired by film journalist Kate Muir.

Attending this event

Ferenc Török

Ferenc Török is a filmmaker from Hungary. He has received the Béla Balázs Award, a state recognition, for outstanding achievement in filmmaking. His most recent film, 1945, screening at UKIJFF, has won best Feature at Jerusalem Film Festival and the Panorama Audience Award at Berlinale. He is also known for Eastern Sugar and Moscow Square.

Gábor T. Szántó

Novelist, screenwriter, editor-in-chief of Szombat, Hungarian Jewish magazine. His writings include novels and short story books. Szántó’s writings have been published in German (In Schuld verstrickt, 1999), Russian (Obratnij bilet, 2008) and several other writings in English. His latest novel (Kafka’s Cats, 2014) will soon be published in Turkey. His latest book 1945 és más történetek (1945 and other stories) came out in 2017. His short story 1945, Hazatérés (1945, Homecoming) served as the basis of the film 1945 by director Ferenc Török. Gábor T. Szántó wrote the screenplay together with the director.

Films screening at this event


Ferenc Török
Péter Rudolf, Bence Tasnádi, Tamás Szabó Kimmel
91 min

“A fresh, intelligent cinematic approach to a difficult topic that takes on a transitional time in Hungarian history with subtlety and nuance.” – Variety


A film that is as masterfully directed and emotionally poignant as Son of Saul, 1945 is an instant classic. Jewish father and son return to the village from which they were deported, and where indifferent bystanders seized their home and possessions. Their arrival is a moment of crisis for the small community, whose members struggle to cope with feelings of guilt and fear of revenge. Shot in expressive black and white, 1945 is a quiet yet striking study of the aftershocks of war.

Awards & Festivals

Winner: Best Feature – Jerusalem Film Festival 2017

Nominated: Panorama Audience Award – Berlin International Film Festival 2017