Attending this event

Holli Rubin

Holli Rubin is a prominent psychotherapist specialising in body image.  Holli also works to shape government policy around body image, in particular through her work with Anybody UK. Holli participates in the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image, and contributes to many forums on the topic, as well as producing reports for the Government Equalities Office. ‘Two For The Price Of One’, co-authored with Susie Orbach in June 2014, explores the impact of body image during pregnancy and after birth.

Films screening at this event

Brave Miss World

Cecilia Peck
Israel, Italy, South Africa, USA
88 min

Israeli beauty queen Linor Abargil was abducted and raped in Milan, 2 months before being crowned Miss World in 1998.

10 years later, she’s ready to talk about it – and to encourage others to speak out.

Linor travels to speak with teens in South Africa, where girls are statistically more likely to be raped than educated. She visits U.S. college campuses where women describe a campus culture that fails to take assaults seriously. From rape crisis centres worldwide, to Hollywood’s living rooms, Linor is met with emotional support, but the advocacy work causes her own trauma to resurface.