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+Q&A with director Yoni Bentovim

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Yoni Bentovim

Yoni Bentovim formed the influential post-punk band Zikney Tzfat in Tel Aviv in the early 1990s. He moved to London to study at the London Film School. Since then he has gone on to direct several award-winning films. Yoni currently teaches film at The Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.

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17 Beginnings of Talia

Yoni Bentovim
Israel, UK
73 min

“A fascinating peek into the wounded, sensitive and original soul behind the sharp and energetic comedian.” – Haaretz

Like her British counterpart Victoria Wood, Talia Shapira was a gifted comedian and actress whose untimely death of cancer in 1992 – aged 45 – shocked her many Israeli fans. Three decades after her death, her son Yoni Bentovim, now a filmmaker living in London with his wife and child, goes back to his mother’s diaries, written stories, audio tapes and video cassettes to create this heartfelt portrayal of her life and art, which is also a timeless meditation on parental love, and loss.

Official Selection – Doc Aviv 2015