Thank you for your interest in UK Jewish Film’s Young Jury Award for Best Short Film. Here’s an overview of the project and how you can become involved.

We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact UK Jewish Film’s Education Manager, Rachel Burns: rachel.burns@ukjewishfilm.org


The Concept

We are looking to appoint a jury of fifteen young people aged 18-30 to select a competition winner from a slate of short films screening at the 2020 UK Jewish Film Festival. We will support jurors to create an online marketing campaign to generate a buzz among their peers about the award, the films and this year’s festival.

The jury will announce the winner at a special Young Jury Award screening event at 7pm on Sunday November 15th.

Depending on Covid-19 guidelines, the event will be held virtually or at Rich Mix, London, and will include screenings of nominated short films with presentations by the jurors and the award ceremony.


Timeframe & Commitment

The closing date for applications is Friday 31 July. Successful applicants will be contacted by Friday 28 August.

Jurors will be expected to attend two meetings in addition to the final event in November:

  • September – first jurors’ meeting to be held virtually to convene as a group; screening links to competition films will be distributed; discussion of criteria for selection of winning film; sharing contact details.
  • Late October – second meeting for jurors to discuss all films viewed and to agree a winner and runner up.
  • Sunday November 15th from 5pm – final screening event including a presentation of the jury’s summary and Award ceremony, all orchestrated and managed by the jurors.


What you need

We’re not looking for filmmaking experts or obsessive movie buffs (although if you’re either of these we’d love you to be involved). We want our jury to be comprised of enthusiastic, articulate young people with good analytical skills. You need to have strong communication skills and an ability to work well as a team.


What you’ll gain

This is a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, watch new films and to hone your skills of critical analysis. You’ll receive two complimentary tickets to a film of your choice during the festival and your name will appear as a juror in the festival programme. You will automatically be added to UK Jewish Film’s FilmLab mailing list, providing opportunities for young people and emerging film professionals to network within the industry.


How to apply

By Friday 31 July , please email Rachel Burns at rachel.burns@ukjewishfilm.org explaining why you’re interested in this project and why you think you’d be a good person to be on this jury. Include in the email subject line: Application for Young Jury Award 2020

Young Jury Award

The closing date for applications is Friday 31 July. Successful applicants will be contacted by Friday 28 August.

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What last year’s jurors said

“I almost did not do the Young Jury Award because of my MA work-load but I really would have kicked myself if I hadn’t. Rachel and Jake made everyone feels so comfortable and the group just clicked. I really enjoyed every moment of the project!

The event itself was an absolute blast, it is so nice to see all your work come together in a smooth and professional event.

I would really recommend the young juror award to anyone who is thinking about doing it. You get experience in a great film festival and make friends and have fun along the way.”

“Normally I’m applying to grants or festivals as a filmmaker, so the Young Jury Award was a fun and unique opportunity to move over to the other side. The festival attracts high quality films from around the world so it was a joy to watch a bunch of shorts and then fight it out / debate enthusiastically with other jury members over which films were our favourites. It was lovely to get to know the other jury members, who are all equally passionate about film and storytelling.”