Job description

Title: Partnerships Manager
Reports to: Chief Executive
12 month fixed term. One day per week.

To apply, please send a CV and Cover Letter to

Closing Date: Friday 27th March 2020

Key Job Purpose

1. To develop new partnerships and nurture existing partnerships and networks within the Jewish community, and to identify ways to build and deliver on closer engagement with those partners and networks.

2. To develop new partnerships and nurture existing partnerships beyond the Jewish community, in particular with other film and cultural organisations, academic, interfaith or intercultural, and other institutions and networks.

3. To deliver the above with a view to increasing audience numbers and revenues, as well as bringing more diverse audiences to the festival and year-round events, enabling increased marketing reach, and enhancing the profile of the organisation.

Principle Responsibilities

1. Community Partnerships

(a) To complete with the support of the staff team a review of and to create an up-to-date detailed record of existing partnerships/relationships and to update it regularly

(b)  To take forward existing relationships as agreed with the Chief Executive, and to formulate and agree a strategy and plan for further developing these.

(c) To identify a broad range of potential partners and networks within the community

(d) To develop a plan for building new relationships, identify useful contacts, establish effective working relationships and develop these into forms of partnership.

(e) To work with the Marketing Manager and wider staff team to ensure compliance with the terms of any partnership or other related agreement.

(f) To follow-up after any partnership or equivalent arrangement with opportunity for feedback and evaluation, and establish next steps to facilitate continuing relationship.

 2. Partnerships beyond the Community

(a) To develop partnerships and marketing tie-ups outside the community as outlined above (a)-(e)

3. Marketing and Sales

(a) To work with the Marketing Manager to ensure practical plan of delivery that maximises the marketing potential of partnerships and relationships

(b) To work with the Marketing Manager and staff team to ensure timely delivery of all design and other materials as relevant to any relationships and the terms of any agreement.

(c) To work with the Marketing Manager to identify and implement, where possible, ways of tracking sales and engagement that is specifically due to partnerships.

4. Other duties

(a) Occasional introductions of films or events

(b) Contributing to partnership strategy outlines and feedback for reports and applications (for BFI and other funders) as required by the Chief Executive

(b) Leveraging partnerships to secure increased PR for the festival and the wider organisation.


Person Specification


• Experience of working at a senior level with a film festival or cultural organisation
• Experience of developing strong working relationships with a wide range of partners
• Self –starter with ability to generate new contacts and build relationships
• Willingness and enthusiasm to travel widely to meet potential partners wherever required
• Creativity to conceive of forms of engagement with stakeholders that will meet their    objectives as well as our own
• Ability to advocate effectively on behalf of the organisation
• Ability to persuade and to generate interest and excitement in our projects
• Ability to work effectively as part of a team
• Good IT skills especially Microsoft Office programmes
• Understanding of film programming and ability to identify partnership and sales opportunities
• Experience of marketing of film or cultural events
• Willingness to work some unsocial hours, including weekends in and around the film festival period
• Enthusiasm and demonstrable interest in cinema and Jewish life and culture

• Degree level education or equivalent in arts