Summer 2020 Project for Young People & Families – supported by UJIA


Bravo on this film project. Three brilliantly chosen films, that genuinely gave a great insight into the reality of Israel. Very moving too.” – Jonathan Freedland writes for The Guardian 

Due to popular demand, more places are now available to participate in this celebrated summer project. Young people and their families will have until Friday 28th August to ‘binge-watch’ the three films and join filmmaking surgeries. Book your place by contacting: rachel.burns@ukjewishfilm.org

This summer UK Jewish Film is offering young people (ages 16+) and their families a five week programme of Israeli, film-based activities. The programme is aimed primarily at young people who would have been on Israel Tour this summer – a cohort that has missed out on many of the rites of passage this year – and is open to everyone above the age of 16 (or turning 16 before 1st September).

Of course, nothing can replicate the experience of being in Israel. But at UK Jewish Film, we believe film has the power to transport audiences collectively to places they can’t visit and worlds out of reach.
Our immersive summer programme will offer participants a unique way of experiencing Israel through the eyes of filmmakers.

The films will explore the diversity and complexity of Israeli society, confound stereotypes, and broaden perceptions of what life in Israel might look.


Join our programme and gain unique, free access to:
• 3 carefully selected Israeli films;
• 3 Q&As with a range of speakers;
• intergenerational discussion stimulus;
• filmmaking surgeries with industry professionals;
• an opportunity to have your short films showcased on UK Jewish Film’s website.


For three consecutive weeks, starting Monday July 27th, a new film will be available each week via a code available only for project participants and their families. The films will be accessible to view any time during that week. The virtual Q&As with experts in a range of the fields will take place towards the end of each week and will create opportunities to connect with young people and panellists in Israel.


Activity materials will encourage personal response and an interrogation of the films, assessing their authenticity and significance. Participants should video record their family watching the films GoggleBox style, and all subsequent discussions in order to create a film based response.


Participants are encouraged to make a five minute film about their family’s responses to the films. If preferred, participants can buddy up and make a composite film with others. With opportunities to consult professional filmmakers through online filmmaking surgeries beginning August 17th, the best films will be uploaded to UK Jewish Film’s website creating project legacy. To give you an idea of the sort of film you could make, check out this short made by Sam Freedland’s family response to three Jewish films.


The programme is free of charge. To participate, please contact rachel.burns@ukjewishfilm.org by Friday 24th July to book your place. Please let us know approximately how many people in your family ideally you would like to share the films with (include parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc).

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