Traversing time and space, these films all offer an intriguing view of politics and the characters that played a central role in shaping the political landscape.
The lasting effects of the Cold War is felt throughout The Human Factor, whereas Dolce Fine Giomata interrogates a more recent world struggle, that of the European refugee crisis.
Two films have the honour of lifting the lid on and changing our opinions on two very different men; King Bibi and A Song Of Peace, the former a staple figure in Israeli politics despite scandal and controversy; the latter, who brought about a peace treaty with Egypt. Both films bring two eras of Israeli political history -and their prime ministers-together.

King Bibi

Composed of rare archival footage, this revealing doc explores how Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu became Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister.


An absorbing documentary charting Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s rise from outsider immigrant to the highest echelons of the Israeli establishment.

Dolce Fine Giornata

An incisive take on Europe’s refugee crisis. Polish Jewish Nobel Prize Winner Maria Linde’s privileged, beatific existence is threatened when she chooses to speak out against xenophobia after a terror attack in Rome.

Nominated – Dorfman Best Film Award, UK Jewish Film Festival 2019

The Human Factor

A crucial documentary investigating the decade-the 1990s- that brought with it the end of the Cold War and the hope for peace between Israel and Palestine, but also disillusionment leading to the Second Intifada.

A Song Of Peace

A look back at the Israeli leader Menachem Begin, who changed the political landscape by bringing the Labour Party to an end in 1977, and who dared to reach for peace.

The Unorthodox

A highly entertaining tale about the beginnings of Shas, a new party for the disenfranchised Sephardi ultra-Orthodox community in Israel in 1983, which changed the political landscape forever.

Feminist Perspectives

A selection of films that explore the variety and depth of what it means to be a Jewish woman in the past and today.

Anniversary Screenings

We have 5 well-loved films celebrating significant anniversaries this year, most notably 20 years since the Oscar-nominated Solomon & Gaenor was released.

Family Ties

We are proud to present an array of films that dissect the complicated messiness and beauty of familial bonds.