“Charmed by the beauty of the scenery and attracted by the excellence of the actors, you can not escape the romantic breath of this film, probably the best of Alexandre Arcady.” – Paris Match

A sweeping epic tale of impossible love set amid the simmering tension of French-Algerian relations from the 1940s until the 1960s.

French colonial rule is collapsing around 9 year-old Younes, who suddenly finds himself living with his Muslim uncle and his Catholic wife. Prejudices are rife, and yet the beautiful Emilie, visiting for piano lessons, instantly brings harmony into his world. Years later, when Emilie re-enters Younes’ life as a woman, he will discover a tragic error has changed his life forever.

Renowned Algerian-Jewish director Alexandre Arcady (Le Grand Pardon) delivers the latest in a long line of lush and expansive cinematic tales.