“No topic is off limits, no question goes unanswered, part of doc day special two fro one deal and some of the responses are astonishing.” – The Star

“We’re owners of what we say and slaves of what we silence”

Decades after a violent run-in with the Ku Klux Klan, a Jewish civil rights activist returns to Mississippi to try to understand his assailant.

Emmy Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Paul Saltzman was volunteering with a 1960s “voter registration drive” in the segregationist town of Greenwood, Indiana, when he was punched in the head by Klansmen, Byron “Delay” de la Beckwith, the son of the man convicted of assassinating National Association of Coloured People leader Medgar Evers.

50 years later, without casting judgment, the liberal Saltzman sits down for a riveting conversation with the bigoted Beckwith, now a seemingly affable and wizened old man, to explore the possibility of reconciliation and forgiveness.

This powerful film features contributions from Mississippi native Morgan Freeman, singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte; and an FBI agent who reveals close ties between the police and white supremacists of the time.

Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival