“Silverman is completely riveting… one of the darkest portraits of human desperation and destruction.” – The Playlist

“Sarah Silverman has taken a creative detour by starring in the intense addiction drama I Smile Back.” – Rolling Stone

“Comedy’s very vulnerable in lots of ways, but this is just a completely different type of vulnerable and exposed as comedy. ” – Indiewire

Adam Salky’s darkly visceral debut, featuring a revelatory performance from Emmy-nominated comedian Sarah Silverman. Laney (Silverman) leads the picture-perfect life – a loving husband (Josh Charles), two children, a beautiful home – yet beneath her fragile mask lies a relentless struggle against the constraints of her world. Desperate to break free, Laney spirals into the chaos of reckless abandonment. An unflinching examination of female disillusionment, Salky presents a crushingly intense and unfailingly potent drama, powered by Silverman’s astonishing performance.

Nominated: Grand Jury Prize – Sundance Festival