Fresh from its cannes prize-winning premiere comes the latest film by acclaimed director and writer Joseph Cedar (Beaufort, Time Of Favor). Cantankerous Professor Eliezer Shkolnik (Shlomo bar-Aba) is a Talmudic scholar, who has laboured for years in relative obscurity, whereas his ambitious son, Uziel (Lior Ashkenazi) has far greater success. When a bureacratic mishap leads to Eliezer being informed he has won a prestigious prize that was in fact intended for his son, the old man’s vanity and resentment explode to the surface. As befits the academic context, words are the star here: the dialogue bubbles with wry wit and cynical one-upmanship. Assured direction with skilful editing keeps viewer sympathies shifting uncertainly between the two bitter rivals. Occupying the ground between tragedy and comedy, and with an epic score that elevates the story to a grand scale, Footnote is a subtle tale of ego,
temptation and ultimate betrayal. Daniela Boban

Winner: Best Screenplay Award, Cannes Film Festival 2011

Nominated: Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2012