A thoroughly inspiring documentary following Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and his dog, Mitzpah, when they took to the road in October 2010 walking over 300 miles from Berlin to Hook van Holland on a very personal journey. On Kristallnacht, 9th November 1938, the Nazis destroyed the interior of the Westend Synagogue, Frankfurt-am-Main, where Rabbi Wittenberg’s grandfather, Dr. Georg Salzberger, served as Rabbi from 1910 until the family fled to the UK in April 1939.

However, the Eternal Light (the Ner Tamid) continued to burn and this light, which shone through the darkness and turmoil of those dark days, symbolised the hope which is still the essence of Judaism and all other faiths. Jonathan has a gentle and spiritual approach to his journey whilst carrying a symbol of eternal light. Along the way he met many communities and even found time to hold interfaith meetings inspiring people with his own particular brand of wisdom and faith.









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