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Asia had her daughter Vika (the wonderful Shira Haas, Unorthodox), now a teenager, when she was very young, and has raised her alone. Though wary of men, she still looks for love in singles bars while having an affair with a married colleague. Vika, who suffers from a degenerative disorder, longs for love and sex, too, but is afraid she will die before she can experience it. As Vika’s condition deteriorates, Asia is determined to make the time they have left together as special and meaningful as it can possibly be. Israeli writer-director Ruthy Pribar’s debut film is an incredibly sensitive, if unsentimental, study of a mother-daughter relationship.

Warning: film contains sexual references. 

This film is part of our specially curated Curzon Home Cinema film selection and is available to stream on the Curzon Home Cinema platform at any time from Friday 6th November until Thursday 19th November for £9.99. It is not included as part of the Festival Pass.

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