UK Premiere 

France, 1940. Defying logic, Janot Reichenbach, a wealthy Jewish woman, decides to not flee the German-occupied country with her husband and son. Instead, she joins socialist politician and three-time Prime Minister Léon Blum, with whom she fell madly in love when she was only sixteen but kept apart from all these years, in the free zone. Determined to stay with Blum at all costs, she follows him as he is moved from France to Buchenwald, where they are both imprisoned. Elsa Zylberstein (A Bag of Marbles) shines as a woman who is willing to sacrifice all she has for love.

This film is part of our specially curated Curzon Home Cinema film selection and is available to stream on the Curzon Home Cinema platform at any time from Friday 6th November until Thursday 19th November for £9.99. It is not included as part of the Festival Pass.

Sponsored by:
Sallyrose and Jonathan Lewis
Stella and Zamir Joory