Haven (Ceasefire)

Religious, class and sexual tensions between two couples threaten to boil over in this superbly gripping drama set during the Second Lebanon War.

Hill Start

A box-office comic sensation in Israel about a bourgeois Jerusalem family who bring new meaning to the word dysfunctional.


Delve into the Hotline centre, a tiny downtown office, tasked with helping thousands of new African migrants adjust to a new life in Israel.

I Smile Back

A revelatory performance from Emmy-nominated comedian Sarah Silverman in this visceral and powerful tale of female disillusionment with suburban life.


Two mysterious men meet for coffee, cake and a catch-up in Buenos Aires in 1960. Their dark secret and their identities are revealed.


Two young girls follow a handsome anthropology student to Jerusalem, but their getaway descends into a nightmare when the Day of Atonement arrives...

Jew Eat Yet

In this special event, Solomons and Zarum discuss the comic, moral and ethical issues surrounding the representation of Jewishness in Woody Allen's films. Illustrated with hand-picked clips!

Labyrinth of Lies

Giulio Ricciarelli directs his debut based on the landmark investigations that led to the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials, and Germany's collective post-war amnesia on its horrors.

Look At Us Now, Mother!

Told with biting humour and raw honesty, this is an intimate story about family dysfunction, forgiveness and healing.


A compassionate and engrossing tale of four interwoven lives in crisis, set amidst Tel Aviv's immigrant workers.

My Nazi Legacy

Renowned human rights barrister Philippe Sands QC journeys with two sons of SS officers, to find if they can admit to their fathers' crimes.


London’s criminal underbelly and Haredi Jewish community collide in a dark portrait of disintegrating urban lives with an outstanding performance by Stephen Graham.

Partner with the Enemy

The inspiring story of two women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, uniting with the dream of forming a business.

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

A vibrantly fun romantic comedy about a serial monogamist on a journey of self-discovery after leaving what may have been the love of her life.


Tali Shalom-Ezer’s disturbing, psychological drama expertly captures the vulnerability and confusion of a young teenage girl on the cusp of becoming a woman.

Probation Time

Director Avigail Sperber crafts a riveting and intensely personal film, focusing on her younger sister's battle against alcoholism and her family's struggle to unite.

Raise the Roof

A revelatory documentary that challenges age-old convictions about Polish-Jewish relations and the Jewish relationship with visual arts.

Red Leaves

An absorbing drama offering a rare insight into Israel's Ethiopian community, following one man's struggle to pass on old cultural traditions.