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The Drive In is a state of the art venue just a couple of minutes from the North Circular. Even in brightest sunlight the screen is crystal clear and visible from wherever you’re parked.

Films screening at this event


Barbra Streisand
132 min

Yentl is classic Streisand – besides marking her directorial debut, she produced, starred in and co-wrote the film (with Jack Rosenthal). Adapted from Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story and subsequent Broadway play, the plot concerns an Eastern European girl in 1904 who flouts tradition by discussing Jewish law and disguises herself as a man in order to study the Talmud, but falls in love with her study partner (Mandy Patinkin on great form).

The twist is that Streisand’s Yentl is a musical, with the lady herself belting out a dozen memorable numbers including ‘Papa, Can You Hear Me?’.