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+ Panel discussion with Ruth Barnett and Jean-Marc Dreyfus

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Ruth Barnett

Ruth Barnett (nee Michaelis) was born in 1935 in Berlin. In 1939, Ruth and her brother arrived in Britain on the Kindertransport. Over the next ten years, they lived with three foster families and in a hostel. Ruth was a secondary school teacher for 19 years and a psychotherapist for 28 years. She regularly shares her testimony in schools and colleges.

Jean-Marc Dreyfus

Jean-Marc Dreyfus is a reader at the University of Manchester. He is a specialist of economic and diplomatic aspects of the Holocaust and post-war reparations. He has written on looted art in the Holocaust and has edited several memoirs and Holocaust diary. He is also the author of TV documentaries. He has recently published the „Goering Catalogue“, the original inventory of Goering’s art collection in Carinhall (Paris, Flammarion, 2015). He currently researches the search and exhumation of victims‘ corpses after the Holocaust.

Films screening at this event

Wilfrid Israel: The Essential Link

original title
האיש הנעלם: הסיפור של וילפריד ישראל
Yonatan Nir
71 min

Despite saving the lives of thousands of Jews, taking an integral role in the Kindertransport and working in partnership with the British intelligence, Wilfrid Israel is, for the most part, a forgotten hero. As the wealthy owner of one of Berlin’s largest department stores and an avid art collector, Israel was a high profile yet deeply enigmatic figure. Wilfrid Israel: The Essential Link explores not only Israel’s remarkable rescue operations but also the reasons they had been kept secret for so long.

Official Selection: Doc Aviv 2017
Official Selection: Berlin Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection: Toronto Jewish Film Festival