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+ Panel Discussion with director Fiona Murphy and David Dangoor, chaired by Jewish Renaissance editor Rebecca Taylor

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Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy trained at the BBC and worked at Granada and Third Eye before becoming a journalist. After reviewing films for Paper Magazine in New York, she freelanced in London, writing on design for The Guardian and The Financial Times amongst others. She returned to filmmaking and her film The Other Irish Travellers ran as a Storyville on BBC4.

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Remember Baghdad

Fiona Murphy
Iraq, Israel, UK
69 min

Seen as a site of ongoing fighting, modern-day Baghdad scarcely resembles the city it once was. Remember Baghdad is a fascinating exploration of the rich Jewish life and culture that had flourished in Iraq before the events of the 20th and early 21st centuries dramatically changed the course of the country – and the fate of its Jews. The film features prominent British-Iraqi Jews, including David Dangoor. Their life stories are woven into the history of their fellow Iraqi people, Jews and non-Jews alike.