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Followed by a Q&A with Łukasz Czajka and Teresa Żabińska.

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Teresa Żabinska

Teresa Żabinska was born in Warsaw Zoo in 1944. It happened so as her parents – Jan and Antonina Żabiński- established the ZOO. During the II World War in their villa in the ZOO and the surroundings they were hiding and helping to survive many Jews escaping from the ghetto. Rough estimates mention 300 saved lives. Teresa Żabińska till this day shares their story and engages in events promoting values her parents believed in and participates in events dedicated to them.

Lukasz Czajka

Lukasz Czajka is a screenwriter and a director of documentary films, films reportages, music clips and also a video game designer. He studied political science and cultural studies at the University of Warsaw and documentary film directing at Film Master School of Andrzej Wajda. Of Animals and Men is his debut.

Films screening at this event

Of Animals and Men

original title
Żabińscy. O ludziach i zwierzętach
Łukasz Czajka
58 min

Two years after the release of The Zookeeper’s Wife, which portrayed Antonina and Jan Żabiński’s extraordinary rescue operation during the war, this fascinating documentary sheds new light on their story. The couple saved hundreds of Jews from the Warsaw ghetto by hiding them in the city’s zoo facilities and their own villa, right under the noses of the Nazis. Composed of archival footage and interviews with their daughter, Teresa Żabińska, and survivors, this film is a moving tribute to the courageous couple.

I Have a Message for You

Matan Rochlitz
Israel, Italy, UK
14 min

On 4 April, 1943, a young woman and her husband on a train to Auschwitz decide to jump for survival. Their decision saves their lives but leaves them with a heavy burden of guilt.

Nomimated – Emmy Award 2018

Nominated – Peabody Award 2018

2nd Prize Long Form – World Press Photo 2018