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Peter Cohn

Peter Cohn is a New York-based filmmaker.  His previous documentaries include “Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America,” (2010) and “Golden Venture” (2006).

Cohn’s debut theatrical feature “Drunks” (1995) premiered at Sundance, aired on Showtime, and won the entertainment industry Prism Award for its realistic depiction of alcoholism.

Cohn’s production company, Hillcrest Films, creates digital media and distribution campaigns for social issue documentaries.

At UKJFF 2014, Peter will present his documentary Holy Land.

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Holy Land

Peter Cohn
78 min

Holy Land follows Palestinians and Israelis pursuing conflicting visions of justice in the West Bank. They are extremists, moderates, dreamers – heroes or villains depending on your perspective – but all are passionate believers in the rightness of their cause. They face the daily threat of sudden violence, yet they build their lives and face their struggles, sharing a deep belief that this land is holy — and worth dying for.  An immersive and fascinating film that is timely and relevant.