Learning About Film

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have had a huge impact on every aspect of everyone’s lives, and although we’re not all in the same boat, we are in the same storm. With new laws governing social distancing, the creative arts are threatened; productions have been halted, cinemas and theatres closed, and an uncertain future lies ahead.

But creative minds turn to creative solutions, and there’s a lot to learn about filmmaking from the way industry experts are adapting to the new conditions.

They say every crisis creates an opportunity so we thought it would be a good time to reflect on what aspiring filmmakers can learn from lockdown about how to make a film at home. Watch the following two short films for some useful tips and techniques.

Filming in Lockdown

Discover how to make films from home with advice from industry-leading filmmakers, directors, writers, actors and journalists.

3 Exercises

Learning Through Film: Relationships

Film provides a unique and intimate perspective into other people’s relationships and offers opportunities to reflect on our own.

These questions suggest ways in to thinking about personal responses to the film Sauce. Set in a fast-food drive-thru, the film explores the relationship between a young couple talking about what they want – from the menu and from each other.

As further stimulus for discussion, watch the fascinating interview with the filmmakers of Sauce in conversation with student Maia Lincoln.


Sauce Interview

Watching Jewish Film – Inspired by GoggleBox

What better way to spend time indoors with the family, than catching up on classic Jewish films?

As you watch, film yourselves GoggleBox style. After watching, talk through your ideas and responses to the films. These questions might help. Then edit your footage to a maximum five minutes. If we love your film, we’ll host it here.

Our interactive timeline celebrating the Jewish contribution to British film, might stimulate some ideas and offer historical context for your viewing.

Watch Sam Freedland’s short film for inspiration.

Sam’s 3 Jewish Films

Israel On Screen – supported by UJIA

Starting Monday July 27th, UK Jewish Film is offering young people (ages 16+) and their families a five week programme of Israeli, film-based activities.

Aimed primarily at young people who would have been on Israel Tour this summer – a cohort that has missed out on many of the rites of passage this year – the project is open to everyone above the age of 16 (or turning 16 before September 1st).

Join the programme and gain unique, free access to:
• 3 carefully selected Israeli films;
• 3 Q&As with a range of speakers;
• intergenerational discussion stimulus;
• filmmaking surgeries with industry professionals;
• an opportunity to have your short films showcased on UK Jewish Film’s website.