Film offers us wonderful opportunities to connect across difference, to build new relationships and to discuss issues that matter to us all. It is a powerful medium through which we can explore complex ideas, and can communicate emotions that bond audiences in unique ways.

Hosting a selection of short films about faith, identity and belonging, the site offers educators in both formal and informal contexts user-friendly content to support intercultural dialogue.

Our opinions and tastes are, of course, based on a complexity of factors. This resource is designed to encourage people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs to watch films together before engaging in reflective conversations.

Interviews with educators in the field of interfaith dialogue provide users with essential guidance on best practice approaches to facilitating conversations sensitively and inclusively.

There are ideas for ways into talking about moving image content which develop a critical awareness of how films are constructed, whilst Educators’ notes offer pathways through the resource for different users including its relevance for the UK curriculum for young people ages 13+.