How your membership fees help

UK Jewish Film is a cultural charity dedicated to developing an environment in which Jewish themed films entertain, educate and enlighten diverse audiences in the UK and internationally.

Membership fees and donations play a crucial part in helping us offer education programmes and assistance to schools, colleges and students.

In addition, your fees contribute towards the cost of our year-round activities and the staff to run and maintain our film archive.

Without your contribution, we couldn’t do what we do, so we’re very grateful for the support that every UKJF member gives.

Please help us to continue our important work by becoming a Member.

Member benefits

  • 15% off Festival screenings

  • 10% off screenings at JW3

  • Exclusive Members’ events

  • Priority booking

  • A free DVD on joining

  • Members’ only promotions

  • Help maintain our archive

  • Support our education projects

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Monthly payment: £5 Direct Debit

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To sign up via direct debit (from a UK bank account) or to make a one-off payment, fill in the form below with the member’s details, then choose your payment plan. At the next step you will be asked for billing details.

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Please contact us on 020 3176 0048 or email

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