Manchester – Home Port

Back in Israel after a thirty-year absence, seaman Aaron is determined to fix his broken relationship with his daughter and fight corruption at the Ashdod port, where he accepts a managerial position. His excitement at working with Azoulay, the militant union leader and an old family friend, soon turns into resentment, followed by a violent conflict. Director Erez Tadmor creates a taut drama about modern working conditions, the sinister nature of privatisation and the way in which ideology can tear even the closest relationships apart.

Wed 15 Nov, 8pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – 1945

A film that is as masterfully directed and emotionally poignant as Son of Saul, 1945 is an instant classic. Jewish father and son return to the village from which they were deported, and where indifferent bystanders seized their home and possessions. Their arrival is a moment of crisis for the small community, whose members struggle to cope with feelings of guilt and fear of revenge. Shot in expressive black and white, 1945 is a quiet yet striking study of the aftershocks of war.

Thurs 16 Nov, 8pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – Past Life

Two Israeli sisters reveal a dark secret about their father’s past in wartime Poland in feted Israeli director Avi Nesher’s latest film. Beautifully shot with fine performances from Nelly Tagar (Zero Motivation) and rising Israeli star Joy Rieger (also in this year’s Milk & Honey), the film explores the lingering feeling of guilt endured by survivors, complicated family dynamics and Israel’s fast-shifting cultural landscape in the tumultuous 1970s.

Sat 18 Nov, 8pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds: The Conductor Zubin Mehta

Conductor Zubin Mehta was born in India and has had a dazzling international career. It is Israel, however, that he is most identified with. Since he first joined the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969, he has developed strong ties with the state and become the face of its cultural excellence. Produced on the eve of Mehta’s 80th birthday, Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds: The Conductor Zubin Mehta is a timely celebration of the legendary maestro’s life and work.

Sun 19 Nov, 4pm, HOME

Manchester – Holy Air

Squeezed for money father-to-be Adam, an Arab-Christian from Nazareth, comes up with the ingenious idea of selling bottled holy air from Mount Precipice to the city’s pilgrims. His intentions are as pure as the air he sells but success proves to be more difficult to achieve than expected. Shady Srour wrote, directed and stars in this poignant satire that mocks everything from the booming business of spirituality to interfaith relations and takes us on a fascinating cultural tour of modern-day Nazareth.

Mon 20, 8pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – Remember Baghdad

Seen as a site of ongoing fighting, modern-day Baghdad scarcely resembles the city it once was. Remember Baghdad is a fascinating exploration of the rich Jewish life and culture that had flourished in Iraq before the events of the 20th and early 21st centuries dramatically changed the course of the country – and the fate of its Jews. The film features prominent British-Iraqi Jews, including David Dangoor. Their life stories are woven into the history of their fellow Iraqi people, Jews and non-Jews alike.

Tue 21 Nov, 6.20pm, HOME

Manchester – A Quiet Heart

Naomi, a bright young pianist from Tel Aviv, takes a break from her stressful career and moves to a quiet, Haredi neighbourhood in Jerusalem. But her quest for peace soon turns into a nightmare when her new neighbours do all they can to make her feel unwelcome. Full of suspense, A Quiet Heart is a chilling study of the growing tension between secular and religious groups in Israel today.

Thurs 23 Nov, 8pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – A Bag of Marbles

Occupied France, 1942. As the German army advances towards Paris, brothers Maurice and Joseph have to leave their loving family behind in pursuit of safety in the south of the country. Their courage and hope of being reunited with their family when the war ends, keeps them alive – and together. Based on the autobiographical novel by Joseph Joffo, A Bag of Marbles is a heart-rending tale of the incredible power of brotherly love.

Sat 25 Nov, 8pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – Let Yourself Go!

As a distinguished psychiatrist, Elia (the wonderful Toni Sevillo, The Great Beauty) has great respect for the life of the mind, less so for his body and physical health. When his physician orders him to start exercising, Elia hires Claudia, a young personal trainer, who is obsessed with her physical prowess but otherwise needs a bit of coaching herself. The meeting of these two very different individuals dramatically changes their lives, and is the source of one of the funniest, wildest films you’ll watch this year (and next).

Sun 26 Nov, 8.30pm, HOME

Manchester Opening Night – An Act of Defiance

1963, South Africa. Ten men – some black, some Jewish – are arrested for conspiring to commit sabotage against the Apartheid state and its government. Led by fellow defendant Nelson Mandela and represented by courageous lawyer Bram Fischer. This powerful and captivating true story captures a seminal moment in the fight against racism and explores the little known of South African Jews in consigning Apartheid to history.

Sat 11 Nov, 7.30pm, Cineworld Didsbury

Manchester – The Women’s Balcony

The building site of a new synagogue located at the heart of a close-knit community in Jerusalem turns into a battleground between husbands and wives, when a new charismatic rabbi decrees that it will not include a women’s balcony – thus barring them altogether from religious services. The Women’s Balcony is a joyous, riotous and thought provoking portrayal of a community striving for equality, which has deservedly become a global hit.

Sun 12 Nov, 6pm, Cineworld Didsbury

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