Winner – Pears Short Film Fund at UK Jewish Film 2018

Yehud, 19, a young married Hassidic man raised in a sheltered community, has all of his life been on the path traditionally followed by all Hassidic Jews. But when he immerses himself in the deep dark secrets of the Kabbalah and the study of quantum mechanics, his pious young wife doesn’t understand why there are suddenly so many unorthodox books in their small cramped Stamford Hill flat. And why he is no longer content with raising their baby son and just happy with the regular study of the Torah. What is he trying to tell her? And what will happen to him – and to them?

As Yehud obsessively searches for answers to his many burning mystical questions, increasingly doubting his own identity, and the nature of being, their conflict grows – with irreparable and shocking consequences.