“An extraordinary forgotten story… a superb documentary.” – Irish Times

A requiem for one of cinema’s most important yet unflatteringly misremembered figures, Natan seeks to rehabilitate the legacy of the father of France’s modern film industry. Persecuted for his Jewish heritage and defamed as a pornographer, entrepreneur Bernard Natan is a forgotten footnote in French history. His pioneering contributions in the 1920s and ‘30s forever shaped the French film industry, including acquisition of the giant French motion picture studio Pathé; producing credits on such landmark films as Les Misérables; and innovations that revolutionized film technology around the world. Yet his career was overshadowed by murky claims of financial fraud and past dalliances with silent-era pornography. Born in Romania, Natan encountered fierce anti-Semitism among his peers, and was ultimately stripped of his citizenship and sent to his death at Auschwitz.