Joan Rivers, the Jewish American comedian, actress and television personality, best known for her brash manner and numerous cosmetic surgeries, was most successful in the 1980s. Now she is desperately struggling to stay in the limelight. Here, she allows the filmmakers into her life without restrictions and this film is all the better for it. By relinquishing control, we gain a deep insight into the workings of her mind as she attempts to rebuild her dwindling career. Whilst there is plenty of her characteristic light hearted and clever self deprecating humour at play, this is altogether a more serious piece of work. Her personal life is not without moments of tragedy and her insecurities are laid bare. Her total dedication to her work is both moving and sad. Her addiction to the stage unyielding. A fascinating and extraordinarily intimate insight into the nature of celebrity. (Lucy Kaye & Marc Isaacs)

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