“Finally, a great Philip Roth movie” Rolling Stone

“Easily the best film made of a Roth novel, which is saying a lot.” The New York Times

A powerful and profound tale of youthful passion as the gifted son of a kosher butcher from Newark wins a scholarship to better himself at a prestigious university in mid-West America. Based on the best-selling novel by Philip Roth, the young Marcus  is a straight-A student until he is unexpectedly swept off his feet by blonde bombshell, Olivia Hutton. Oscar nominated director James Schamus creates an extraordinary portrait of 1950s America where love and idealism is pitted against the unyielding ties and expectations of country, family and tradition.

Warning: the film includes scenes of sexual nature


Read the review here from Rolling Stone Magazine.

This is such a neatly layered film, textured and nuanced, where every look and gesture has meaning, every haircut and letter sweater its own integrity and mood. Yet it’s also brilliantly, deliciously funny -not laugh-out loud, but wicked with wit, full of cruel guilt and anger.” Jason Solomons