“… FEW SILENT FILMS GIVE SO THOROUGH A PICTURE OF JEWISH HOME LIFE IN THE AMERICAN GHETTO.” Tom Gunning, Outsiders as Insiders: Jews and the History of the American Silent Film

A rare opportunity to see one of the most evocative films of the 1920s with a new, live score. The sights and smells of New York’s bustling immigrant Jewish Lower East Side have seldom been captured better than in this sparkling tale of a generational clash of cultures.
The two sons of a Jewish migrant family opt for different paths in life and love, but as the story progresses, assumptions about good and bad are soon firmly challenged.
A classic morality tale with a bold, contemporary cinematic feel, accompanied by an improvised live soundtrack from Sophie Solomon, (violinist and Artistic Director of the Jewish Music Institute), Quentin Collins (trumpet), Ian Watson (accordion) and Grant Windsor (piano).

Film provided and restored with new English intertitles by The National Center for Jewish Film, www.jewishfilm.org

Accompanied by a new live score from Sophie Solomon and Band