Simon Eskenazy (Antoine de Caunes) a jazz musician, is an assimilated gay man living in Paris. His glamorous mother is an imposing force in Simon’s life and, although she accepts that he is a gay man, she does not realize that her ‘pretty’ nurse, Naim (Mehdi Dehbi), an Arab cross dresser, is having a relationship with him. In the first film about Simon Eskenazy (Man is a Woman) the director, Jean-Jacques Zilberman, introduced him as a young Jewish man struggling with his homosexuality and finally marrying a Jewish girl and living a dual existence. Now they are divorced and Rosalie (Elsa Zylberstein) lives in New York with their ten year old son. When they come to Paris on an unexpected visit, bringing their entire Orthodox Jewish family, Simon’s life is seriously disrupted. Luckily Naim is on hand to save the situation which he does with great style and panache.