Life is fun and light hearted in this Sephardic comedy about affluent and beautiful women in Paris. Described as “Sex and the City French style” Isa (Michele Laroque) Alice, Nea and Nina are inseparable friends, balancing work, romance and child rearing. Isa, the owner of a beauty salon and mother of three, falls for a British guy (Andrew Lincoln) who just happens to be a financial guru helping with her business. And where there are young, beautiful, Jewish women they are inevitably followed closely by their Jewish mothers, popping in and out to chase and scold them about their frivolous lives. Love is the theme in this chaotic comedy as these sassy young women interweave their days with laughter, flirtations and warmth. While life is seen from a woman’s point of view, the colourful and fast moving situations and the witty one liners are enjoyable for all.