“The movie chronicles the self-declared enforcers of Talmudic codes on the street with Tarantino-esque overtones.” – The New York Times

Avi lives in the Israeli city of Bat Yam, smokes dope, creates dance tracks, hangs out and could be a character in any contemporary urban drama but for the fact that he’s a devout Orthodox Jew. Together with his ‘homies’ he runs a neighbourhood watch team which deals out summary justice, sometimes with baseball bats. But when a young secular neighbour, Miri, moves in, Avi has to choose between his self-appointed role of ‘God’s Neighbour’ and his desire for love… and Miri also has her own choices to make.
God’s Neighbours divided the UKJF programming committee in its depiction of militant Jewish Orthodoxy and it was decided that UK Jewish Film Festival audiences should be able to see the film and form their own responses.