Deep in a forest in Poland, Jakob sees his parents murdered by Nazi troops and his teenage sister Bella dragged away into the night. The petrified boy is rescued by Greek archaeologist Athos (Rade Serbedgia) who smuggles him out of Poland to his Greek island home. Surviving the Nazi occupation, the pair start a new life in Toronto, but as an adult Jakob (Stephen Dillane) is haunted by his memories and the fate of his sister Bella. Jakob believes “To live with ghosts requires solitude” but two women think otherwise: vivacious blonde Alex (Rosamund Pike) and sultry museum curator Michaela (Ayelet Zurer).

Based on a much-loved novel by Canadian writer Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces shifts back and forth in time as Jakob struggles to come to terms with his survival. Facing up to the Holocaust, but with an emphasis on healing, this is a remarkable new feature that weare proud to present as this year’s West End Gala.