What happens when a French street artist decides to get up close to Palestinians and Israelis, take their photos and then produce enormous posters and paste them on the two sides of the Wall of Separation?

The simple answer is that it leads to the world’s biggest illegal photo exhibition. The more complex answer is provided by the documentary Faces that follows artist JR and his committed crew on their unusual journey across a divided land.

Through the streets of Hebron, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Tel Aviv we encounter ordinary people from all sides, those who took part in the project and passers-by who cannot ignore the unusual images they encounter. Trying to convey reality without mediation, to cut through the media, which is often the only way Israelis and Palestinians see one another, was the core motivation for the artist. Faces provides an original take on contemporary life in Israel and Palestine, one which is more often than not overlooked by the news media.