All Aviva wants is to write, and indeed every detail in her mundane life sparks an imaginative tale. But Aviva lives in a working class town in the North of Israel, with an unemployed husband and a demanding family. Aviva keeps her creative passion alive, with endless talent and grace, juggling the pots and pans of her day job as a cook and the ever growing needs of her big family. That is until her loyal sister introduces her to Oded, a well-known novelist who quickly realises Aviva’s potential. However, the experienced mentor has his own rather more devious agenda.

Winner of six Israeli Academy awards, Aviva My Love is another gem from the acclaimed director Shemi Zarhin who touched thousands of hearts in Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi. This time Zarhin sheds light on the simple life of a working class family in his home town Tiberius, bringing into life small places and big dreams in the most engaging and pleasing way.