1963, South Africa. Ten men – some black, some Jewish – are arrested for conspiring to commit sabotage against the Apartheid state and its government. Led by fellow defendant Nelson Mandela and represented by courageous lawyer Bram Fischer, the group members plead not guilty, shifting attention instead to the corrupted and grossly unjust political system. This powerful and captivating true story captures a seminal moment in the fight against racism and explores the little known of South African Jews in consigning Apartheid to history.

Introduced by the film’s director, Jean van de Velde, and the lead actor, Peter Paul Muller.

The London gala screening will also be preceded by words of introduction from Sir Sydney Kentridge who represented Nelson Mandela in the Treason Trials between 1959-1961 and defended Bram Fischer (the hero of ‘An Act of Defiance’) following charges of sabotage and treason.


9 Nov

8.30pm + Reception at 7.30pm

London BFI Southbank

Sponsors: Amazon Property, Simons Muirhead & Burton, Fiona & Peter Needleman, UK Jewish Film Young Patrons, Zest

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11 Nov

7.30pm + Post-screening reception

Manchester Cineworld Didsbury

Sponsors: The Emanuel Charitable Trust

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