“One woman’s Holocaust secrets make for a powerful film.” TIME

Born in a post war displaced persons camp and separated as toddlers, Shep and Izak grew up completely unaware of each other’s existence. Finally reunited six decades on, they start putting the pieces together. Their biological mother Aida holds key information about their identities that she refuses to share. When they finally find out, they understand why she kept quiet all those years. Aida’s Secrets tells an intriguing family story whilst pointing to the implications of the Holocaust for the people who survived it and their children.

Winner of the Audience Award Doc Aviv

UKJF FilmClub presents a discussion with Laurence Harris after the screening of Aida’s Secrets on Monday 20th February at JW3.

Laurence Harris is a professional genealogist specialising in tracing ancestors and living relatives of Jewish families around the world.  He has researched several personalities for the Who Do You Think You Are? TV series. As Head of Genealogy (UK) for MyHeritage, he has been responsible for re-uniting many families.  One of his recent projects involved tracing and re-uniting two brothers, both born in Bergen-Belsen DP camp, who were separated in infancy and who had each spent more than 60 years unaware that they had a living brother – this story forms the basis for the film Aida’s Secrets.