This beautifully realised animated tale, a labour of love for director Tatia Rosenthal, uses Wallace and Gromit-style stop motion figures, to create a world at once mundane and magical. A collaboration with the Cannes award-winning writer and filmmaker Etgar Keret, who wrote the script, $9.99 interweaves several of his short stories, in a deeply satisfying multi-stranded narrative.

This Australian-Israeli co-production is set in a single apartment block.The inhabitants range from a misanthropic angel, voiced by Geoffrey Rush, to a jilted fiancé haunted by a group of miniature slackers. A young boy discovers the meaning of life in a book he purchases for $9.99, and his attempts to apply its contents lead hilarious, often moving situations.This is a wry, witty and wise film, blending closely observed moments of love and longing with surreal humour. $9.99 is a moving meditation on the big questions, told a lightness of touch and an assured sense of craft.