Event details

The next FilmLab event will take place on Tuesday, 18th July at 7pm.

We are very excited and honoured to host David Charap who will speak about: ‘The Craft of Film Editing’.

Much acclaimed film-editor David Charap brings a unique approach to editing having successfully moved between fiction and documentary during an extensive and varied career. His feature film credits include: working with Academy Award winner Pawel Pawlikowski on Last Resort and My Summer of Love; working with Terence Davies on The Deep Blue Sea and Sunset Song, and most recently editing Thomas Napper’s Jawbone, a blistering depiction of alcoholism and boxing. In documentary, he was involved in making many of Marc Isaacs’ films, including Men of The City and Calais, as well as more experimental projects like The Possibilities are Endless and My Nazi Legacy.

David Charap will share insights about what it takes to be an editor, and what really happens in the cutting room!