2016 UK International Jewish Film Festival

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We have an incredible selection of films for you this year – don’t miss out!


Hilarious new football comedy ‘The 90 Minute War’

A brilliant tongue-in-cheek comedy that attempts to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via a football match.  Directed by veteran Israeli director Eyal Halfon and starring Moshe Ivgy – 90 Minute War offers a funny and thought-provoking take on the conflict, and an ingenious plan for a resolution.


Three stunning galas at the 2016 UKIJFF

Opening Night Gala: Indignation 5 Nov, 8.30pm, BFI Southbank (7.30pm Reception)

The Jerusalem Foundation Gala: The 90 Minute War Sat 12 Nov, 8.30pm, Curzon Mayfair

Closing Night Gala: Fanny’s Journey Sun 20 Nov, 7.30pm, Regent Street Cinema (6.30pm Reception)


Bittersweet Moroccan crowd-pleaser ‘Midnight Orchestra’

The estranged son of a once famous Moroccan musician is unexpectedly transformed after returning to his homeland, in the bittersweet crowd-pleaser The Midnight Orchestra by writer-director Jérôme Cohen-Olivar.

Winner of the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Montréal World Film Festival.


Israel’s entry for the 2017 Oscars ‘Sand Storm’

Winner of a clutch of international awards including the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, first time director Elite Zexer brings us a stunning debut feature film about Israel’s Bedouin comminuty. Suliman has decided to marry a second, younger wife, and it is his first wife, Jalila, who is responsible for throwing the wedding party. On the day of the celebration, Jalila, already distraught by her husband’s choice, finds out that her eldest daughter, Layla, is having an affair with a boy from her school.


Passions and family secrets unravelled in ‘Glories of Tango’ + free Tango class!

As delightful and intense as its thrilling dance scenes this is the journey of psychiatrist Ezequiel who is perplexed by the behaviour of one of his patients, Fermin, who communicates only by quoting lyrics of tango songs. Suspecting that Fermin has been misdiagnosed for decades, Ezequiel starts researching his history, uncovering some dark secrets from both his patient’s and his country’s pasts.


Cannes-nominated Israeli drama ‘One Week and a Day’

Receiving standing ovations and strong reviews following its premiere in Cannes this year, One Week and a Day is on its way to become one of Israel’s biggest films of 2016. First-time director Asaph Polonsky tackles heavyweight issues of the heart in a quirky, humorous way. Irreverent yet sensitive, Polonsky’s debut proves there are no rules when dealing with loss.


Extraordinary real life story in British film ‘Keep Quiet’

Keep Quiet is the remarkable story of Hungarian politician Csanád Szegedi, who – as a vocal antisemite and Holocaust denier – came up through the ranks to become vice-President of Jobbik, Hungary’s far-right party. When he discovers that he is in fact Jewish and that his beloved grandmother survived Auschwitz, he goes on an astonishing journey that takes him from the dark depths of hatred to repentance, self-acceptance and reconciliation. But is his transformation truly sincere or merely an act of a man looking for a new self?


Hilarious doc ‘The Last Laugh’ + panel of top UK comedians

At what point is it acceptable for comedians to take on the most serious of topics and how does one comedian make us laugh while another falls flat on his or her face? Join us for this fascinating and hilarious film packed with top comedians plus a panel of leading British Jewish comedians in discussion.


Hummus! The Movie

A positively mouthwatering film about hummus and its power to bring together Jews, Christians and Muslims.

“The film keeps a feel-good vibe throughout while subtly hinting at some of the key challenges Israeli society is facing.” The World Weekly

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